The empty house

Life is made of cycles and cycles are meant to come to an end. This week, a very happy cycle in our lives came to an end. We left the house in which we spent the last 5 years. During this time, this house saw lots of happy moments and a few not so happy ones. It was a refuge when things out there felt weird and complicated. It was the place we love going back to after a day of hard work. Many loved friends and family members laughed, cried, ate, drank, slept in this house. We are fortunate enough to have many extraordinary people in our lives. Today it's empty. The emptiness reminded us of moments when the house was full of love.

 I am sure it will become a happy home for another family. As we loaded thuck with all our stuff we also took with us the unshakable belief that the new house will be an even happier place where more loved ones will laugh, cry, eat, drink, sleep. It's a new cycle that starts now. Although new cycles always bring uncertainty and fear they also offer an opportunity to build something exciting. As scary as it may be, isn't it nice to be somewhere new?